Five million people a year visit the Grand Canyon. Tell someone you just visited the Grand Canyon and often the first question they ask is “Did you visit the North Rim or South Rim?” The real question is “Are you a North Rimmer or a South Rimmer?

95% of the visitors to the Grand Canyon go to the South Rim so statistically chances are you are a South Rimmer. The reason is geographically. The metropolitan areas of Phoenix, Flagstaff, Las Vegas and even Southern California are located generally south of the Canyon so the South Rim is the closest access. People from these areas need almost another full day to get to the North Rim.

The south rim has better expansive views than the North Rim. Visitors to the canyon have many more choices of scenic overlooks on this side of the canyon.

Weather plays a big role as far as which rim you visit. The South rim is at a lower elevation. Even though it does get snow in the winter, restaurants, lodges and parks stay open all year round. The North Rim can be cooler in the summer, but access is closed due to excessive snow in the winter.

The South Rim can be accessed by numerous day trips. Train enthusiast can enjoy a trip to the canyon and back on the Grand Canyon Day Tour train. For a more intimate trip to the South Rim, Pink Jeep Tours can pick you up from your hotel and go off road to the canyon. If you are part of a large group, riding in luxurious seats on a bus to the South Rim may be more your style.

There is almost no end to things to do in for travelers coming to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World. Yet it is a must to set at least one day aside to see one of the greatest attractions in the world; The Grand Canyon. Here are the top five Grand Canyon trips from Las Vegas for couples, individuals or groups.

1: The top recommended way to see the Grand Canyon is by helicopter. Exciting and fast helicopters leave from the Las Vegas Strip. In no time at all tourists are flying over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam enjoying amazing views of these man-made wonders. From there they soon experience the awesome craftsmanship of nature from both the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon.

2: For those who need wings when they fly, there are airplane tours that depart from Las Vegas. Fixed winged planes with wide windows and spacious seats provide a comfortable trip to see the Grand Canyon and get back to the many entertainment venues of Las Vegas in a matter of hours.

3: The tourists that prefer to stay on the ground will be happy to know that there are bus tours to the canyon. This may take a bit more time but can still be completed in a day. Buses provide air-conditioning and luxurious seats that accommodate parties from couples to large groups of friends. This can also be a fun company outing.

4: A more intimate trip for small groups to the Grand Canyon is available by jeep. Pink Jeep Tours will pick tourists up from their hotels in their chauffeur driven jeeps for an all-day scenic journey to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This trip offers excellent off-road photo opportunities that gets guests close up to nature scenes and wildlife.

5: Maybe just one day to the Grand Canyon is not enough. There are other beautiful natural sites to see in the desert Southwest. A three day trip is offered from Las Vegas with day one to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, day two through Monument Valley and day three to Zion National Park.

Regardless of how tourists decide to get there, the Grand Canyon promises memories (and pictures) that last a lifetime.