What is Club X Train?


Club X Service is the premiere service for luxury railroad lines. Our modern day style features plush leather seats, and luxury interiors. Take a tour on the updated rail cars and allow us to take you to a new level of sophistication and style. Train travel has never looked so good. Interior of the Mojave Parlor Car that has been redone and renovated for Club X Service. New carpet, re-polished chrome, and added texture details set the framework for the plush leather furniture and other fixtures within the car. The stripe of red along the top of the train car completes the modern lounge motif for guests and employees alike as we bring class and sophistication to the railroad.The Mojave Parlor Car is one of the first cars that have gone through a Club X Service makeover, and represents the vision of our company in updating the railroad tracks.

Now Announcing Club X Service on Santa Fe Southern Railway!

Sunsets & Stargazing


Wednesday – Sunday

Sunsets a

nd stargazing is so much more than a dinner train. This Santa Fe culinary delight is all about the tastes and the foods that make New Mexico unique. Through the gourmet dreams of Chef Tim, we want you to embark on not only rails but also with the tastes. We have timed this ride so that sunset will happen during the course of your culinary adventure, with the stars welcoming you back home. Escape from the city, and allow us to indulge all of your senses with the updated cars and locomotives of the Santa Fe Southern’s Dinner Train.

Features include:
Sunset View on the dinner train

  • All-inclusive meals
  • Unique Experience
  • Full Credit Card Bar
  • Fresh “Farm to Train” meals
  • Beautiful Starry Nights
  • Southwestern Sunsets
  • Glass of Wine (Diamond Class)
  • Booth / Lounge Seating (Diamond Class)
  • Exhibition Cooking (Diamond Class)
  • Meet the Chef’s

Buffet Brunch Train

Wednesday – Sunday


One of Santa Fe Southern’s most popular attractions is the Buffet Brunch Train. Prepare yourself for the beauty of the southwest as our restored cars and locomotives take you back to New Mexico’s not so distant history.Either go to the Galisteo Basin or Lamy on this Buffet Brunch Train.

Features Include:

View of Tracks on Buffet Brunch Train
  • Buffet Style Brunch Train
  • Unique Experience
  • Modern Luxury Cars (Diamond Class)
  • Unlimited Coffee / Tea (Diamond Class)
  • Fresh “Farm to Train” meals
  • Southwestern Scenery
  • Open Air Platform
  • Lounge Style Seating (Diamond Class)
  • Fully stocked Bar Service (credit cards only!)
  • All-You-Can-Eat (Diamond Class)
  • Single Plate Buffet (Turquoise Class)

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